ProCab is not always about soundproofing. We have also built permanent Welding Cabins for more challenging environments. Due to its nonflammable and compact structure, the sparks are easy to control, and the risk of fire decreases significantly. The spreading of welding fumes into the surrounding space can be sufficiently prevented, and in addition, the cleanliness is increased too. And most importantly, ProCab Welding Cabin can be approved as a designated hot work area by the local fire officials!


Welding Cabin’s air ventilation is possible to attach to the existing ventilation system or to implement as a stand-alone unit. Compressed air network, electrical connections and needed automatic devices can also be provided.


To meet all the requirements of our clients, a wide range of add-on equipment can be included in the set.

As an example tool boards, work tables or a welding booms for the welding wire feeder are easy to include in the design stage or later if the needs change.


A solution for protecting industrial people and machines from noise, dust, heat and other harms.

Compact and powerful mobile welding fume extractor. It is used for the welding of aluminium and stainless steel.

The possibility to customize according to needs. A range of add-on equipment also available.

Can be modified or moved if layout changes.

Can be approved as a designated hot work area by fire official.

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