Protect work stations

Smart work station protection

Modular soundproofing elements are a flexible option for soundproofing demanding areas from offices and shipping facilities to work stations for machine operators or managers. 

Soundproofed work stations decrease staff exposure to noise, air impurities and temperature variation.  The coolness or warmth generated by ventilation equipment further enhances occupational wellbeing and comfort. 

If necessary, the whole construction can be easily transferred to another location which facilitates changing the plant layout in the future.  Thanks to the modular structure, doors and window can be placed according to customer wishes and the colouring can be tailored to comply with the customer’s brand.

We can also meet the special requirements of the food industry.


  • Employees are protected from noise and air impurities. 
  • Improved occupational wellbeing and comfort
  • Possibility to control work station temperature
  • Easy to move
  • Flexible, modular structure
  • The visual effect can be customised according to the customer brand.
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