Protect machinery

Smart protection for machinery

ProCab is an innovation that can bring down the noise level in an industrial production environment by 18–20 decibels. Moreover, the soundproofing elements open up new prospects for the use of space in industrial plants.

In practice, the products are protective structures that are made up of 14-mm-thick steel-surface smart modules and can be erected around machinery and equipment. The size and shape of the walls can be modified according to the requirements of specific machinery and facilities.

Different types of doors and hatches are available to allow material flow. The barriers can be erected around machinery in connection with installation or retrofitted. They are integrated with the machinery so as not to slow down machine operations, maintenance work or production. The modules are easy to install and the whole barrier can be easily transferred or adapted when you want to implement changes in the facilities.

Why choose ProCab?

ProCab is designed to increase productivity by improving working conditions and the opportunity to freely situate functions near soundproofed machinery. Moreover, soundproofed machines are less vulnerable to external handicaps, such as dust.

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